The Proposition 13 – Leading The Charge To Take Back California

Carl DeMaio & The Propositions

COGG’s free online event is set for September 8th and will bring forth some of the advocates for Proposition 13, California’s long-standing property tax law. It is at risk of being partially unraveled, and along with it, property owners would incur a substantial increase in property taxes. What San Diego Voters Need To Know For November Election Integrity PDF

The speakers of this event include…

Carl DeMaio

Carl DeMaio is the most-recognized reformer and taxpayer advocate in California. Carl DeMaio serves as Chairman of Reform California – a grassroots organization that advocates for transparency and accountability reforms in state and local government while mounting campaigns to defeat unfair and unnecessary tax hikes. Carl also hosts his daily radio show on NewsRadio 600-KOGO 3-6pm – where he uses his media platform to inform, engage and inspire common-sense Californians to get involved in the fight to take back their state from socialism. Carl will be going over the propositions for us.

June Yang Cutter

An accomplished attorney and small business owner, June lives in Del Sur with her husband Ryan, a former Naval Flight Officer, and their two
children. She served as President of the PTA of her children’s school from 2018 to 2020. She strongly believes that a great education is the key to opportunity and the door to the middle class. To her, this means making sure education dollars are spent in the classroom, and empowering parents to hold schools
accountable for results.

Ruth Weiss

Ruth warns of the potential risks to the integrity of our elections posed by mail voting due mainly to the excessive amount of handling that the
ballots are exposed to, loose regulations regarding ballot collection, (ballot harvesting) and duplicate mailings, among other issues. She urged her audience to spread the word about the need to stay informed regarding election integrity issues and to volunteer their services by contacting the registrar of voters.

Joe Leventhal

Joe Leventhal is a lawyer, business owner, and U.C. San Diego alumnus running for San Diego City Council, District 5. A resident of San Diego for
almost 20 years, Joe has a history of leadership in the City through his service as an Ethics Commissioner – protecting San Diego citizens and
taxpayers from government ethics violations. As a lawyer running the San Diego office of a highly-respected, national law firm of over 650 attorneys, Joe guides individuals and businesses through the often-complex legal process to get results for his clients. He was elected to the firm’s Board of Directors and also serves on the finance committee where he helps manage the operations of the 270 million-dollar business.

Paul Starita

Paul serves our County and Country as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and U.S. Marine Judge Advocate. He has served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in San
Diego for over 16 years. As a federal prosecutor, he investigated and prosecuted felony cases including drug trafficking / organized crime, corruption, and violent crime. Presently a civil trial attorney, Paul defends the United States in tort and employment matters and prosecutes civil health care and procurement fraud cases. Now a Marine Colonel, Paul has served on active duty and in the Reserve for 30 years. He was assigned to various leadership and legal roles including the military prosecutor, military defense counsel, and regional environmental counsel.

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