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2019 COGG Luncheon and Speaker Schedule

Speakers for the First Half of 2019

January 8 – San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit, a San Diego native, was promoted to the City of San Diego’s 35th Chief of Police on March 2, 2018. Chief Nisleit oversees the eighth largest police department in the nation and will talk to us about the rewards and challenges of his new position with the police department.

February 12 – Peter Lobner is a former US Navy submarine-qualified officer with more than four decades of experience in the nuclear industry. He will be talking about Marine Nuclear Power, the Russian operation of submarines in the Arctic, the breaking down of the ice, and the building of nuclear bases. Since America is no longer in the Arctic, we will certainly have many questions for Mr. Lobner.

March 12 –
Jeff Figler, a renowned collector of sports memorabilia, will be speaking to us about his unusual and rare collections. Bring your treasured item (one each) for discussion and possible appraisal!

April 9 –
Dick Lyles writes a column in the Rancho Bernardo News Journal and discusses issues with our government and the clash of cultures in modern-day America. He will talk candidly about how the polarized Right and Left manage to attack opposing opinions.

May 14 – Gabriel Nadales, a former member of Antifa, who was recruited by The Leadership Institute’s National Field Program, will talk to us about issues faced by students on college campuses across the country. He provides trainings to teach students how to defend themselves from abusive leftist professors, administrators, and fellow students in groups like Antifa.

June 11 –Mike Reeske owns and runs “Del Rey Heirloom Beans and Training Institute” where he teaches sustainable farming methods to military veterans. He boasts of 450 proud veterans now trained in sustainable farming.