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COGG Upcoming September Luncheon Program

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COGG Luncheon and speaker schedule for 2018.
A Wrap up of COGG's April Luncheon
By Lynn Ann Reagan

C.S.I. San Diego Style

Dr Glenn N. Wagner
San Diego County Medical Examiner

Dr. Wagner presented a knowledgeable as well as enjoyable look at the broad scope of the medical examiner's office.

The techniques and examinations done by his office extend from autopsy (the gold standard) to crime scene investigation, lab tests, including tissue, search and rescue operations, John and Jane Doe investigations,Canine Unit input, ID's, (such as foot, finger, palm, tooth and DNA), chemical, toxicological studies, artist reconstruction, body signs (temp, eye fluid, rigor, lividity), imaging, x- ray, microscopy, fluoroscopy, genetics and upcoming biomed studies as well as behavior analysis.--- And that is only part of his "tool chest".